Every time you upload information on a web hosting server, it requires some storage space on the hard disk drive depending on its particular size. When you have a script-driven website which saves its info in a database, it will require more space, the more people make use of it. To give an example, in the event that you have a message board, the more responses people write, the bigger the database will be. Emails, particularly ones using attachments, also require some space in the website hosting account. The disk space quota that you will get with your shared hosting supplier is the overall amount of information you may have at any given moment, it consists of web site files, e-mails as well as databases. Similarly, a home computer has a hard disk drive and the programs installed on it together with all of the docs and / or music files that you generate or download require space, which can't surpass the full capacity of the hard disk.

Disk Space in Shared Hosting

Using our shared hosting packages, you'll never concern yourself with disk storage. While most suppliers generate accounts on a single server and eventually all the server disk space will be used, we've implemented a cloud website hosting platform where the files, e-mail messages and the databases are taken care of by independent clusters of servers. As a result, every single machine works better since just one type of processes is functioning on it, plus the disk storage is virtually unrestricted due to the fact that we will always connect extra servers or hard disks to the cluster, based on whether we want more processing power or extra storage space. You will never experience a scenario in which you can't upload more files since there's no available hard disk space on your server, which is something you can experience with many other providers. When you use our website hosting services, you can be sure that restricted space will never be a setback for the development of your sites.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you buy a semi-dedicated server plan from our firm, you'll not have to concern yourself with the storage space that you can use because of the simple reason that the feature is unrestricted. By contrast to numerous other hosting suppliers who promise a similar service, but generate accounts on a single machine where only so much hard drives can be fitted, we employ an avant-garde cloud platform that employs clusters of servers. Your files will be stored on one cluster, your email messages on a separate one, the databases on a third one etc. This kind of platform provides 2 important advantages - first, the disk storage will never finish since we can easily attach extra servers to every cluster that requires them, and second, the servers will operate much more smoothly for they will handle only one type of processes. A semi-dedicated server plan gives you the convenience to expand your websites as much as you'd like.

Disk Space in VPS Servers

All our VPS servers feature a great volume of disk storage in order to fulfill all of your demands and never restrict the development of your web sites. Certainly, in order to run just a single resource-consuming web site or numerous smaller websites, you'll require extra power altogether, which means that the greater the VPS plan, the more disk storage you will have. Moving between the different plans is a breeze and the additional storage space will be added to your current account without transferring any content or stopping/restarting your server, so if you reach the storage restriction of your present plan, you can always upgrade with a few clicks in your billing panel. Since we provide you with several web hosting Control Panels for our virtual private servers, you are given two options for the disk space management - with Hepsia, all websites share the overall server storage space, while with DirectAdmin and cPanel you're able to make separate accounts for the domains and set up a quota for every account.