The service uptime is often ignored by a lot of people as they are looking for a new shared hosting provider, but it can often be far more significant compared with the actual plan features. It will not matter how good a plan is if the websites hosted inside the account are unavailable for long periods of time. Such downtimes are generally penalized by search engines like google, not mentioning the fact that website visitors will most likely not revisit a website they encounter issues with. For this reason, it is essential to check the stability of the web hosting service prior to getting a new account to be sure that the success of your Internet sites is not going to depend on third-party elements, but entirely on their content and on your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Shared Hosting

Using a shared hosting account from our company, you'll be able to enjoy 99.9% server uptime. We have essentially eradicated the downtime since we use an innovative cloud hosting platform and we do not manage everything on one server like most suppliers do. As an alternative, we run every single service on an individual cluster of servers, so your files, emails, databases, etcetera, are going to be addressed by separate servers. Thus, we can also balance the load much more efficiently and guarantee the stable functioning of your sites at all times. The availability of the web servers is guaranteed by several backbone Internet providers and diesel backup generators, so your websites will be working no matter what. We also have experts overseeing the web servers twenty-four hours a day, including weekends and holidays, and they will handle any surprising problem that might appear.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers

When you use semi-dedicated server solutions, you're going to reap the benefits of a 99.9% service uptime and you can now just forget about any issues you may have experienced with other providers. Different to the majority of hosting providers, we don't handle everything on only one server. As an alternative, each part of the hosting service, including the file storage, e-mails, databases, CP, stats, and so forth., has its own clusters of servers. If one machine fails, the others shall take over, so your internet websites will not be affected. Additionally we employ a groundbreaking load-balancing platform that ensures the best performance of both our web servers and the internet sites accommodated on them. Various independent Internet providers and diesel-powered generators are our backup in case of an infrastructural problem, while a crew of expert professionals, that's available 24/7, keeps track of the system in case of software difficulties. Using our semi-dedicated servers, your internet sites will be working no matter what.

Service Uptime Guarantee in VPS Servers

Our Virtual Private Server packages come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The stability and availability of the service is ensured by several Internet providers and diesel backup generators. In addition, we use new hardware for the physical servers in which the VPS accounts are created to prevent any probability of hardware dysfunction and each part has been tested thoroughly. The security of your information is ensured by employing enterprise-level hard drives working in RAID and the uptime warranty time includes all maintenance procedures, so your websites are going to be functioning practically without any disruptions. Our skilled admins will resolve immediately any software issue that may surface, so even if there's an issue with a different VPS server account on the physical server, your VPS will not be affected. The hosting server uptime is listed on our internet site and not hidden in our Terms of Service given that we can keep our promise and provide you with an exceedingly dependable hosting service.